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I love Caleb..actually not just me, but everybody else in the family… even friends and neighbors were so fond of him. I even call him El Paborito at times, for he’s the only nephew that practically grew up with me.. with the Arda-Boyles family..

we’re all so caught up with our little bundle of joy!

He came to this world right after we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary…

He was about 5 months old when he first visited us and stayed in our place for about a month…it was my Nikki’s 12th bday celebration and Caleb was here to!

We we’re so surprised that he actually enjoyed the stay and has no tantrums at all…I suppose he also misses her mom but she’s quite busy attending to Caleb’s grandma  who suffered a stroke,  and to her older sister who was only a year older than him..and in that case, Caleb needs a nanny..and I am very much available for a substitute…(well,  my brother..Caleb’s father stays with us though)…

We are all having a great time whenever we’re with Caleb.. we love the way he laughs, giggles..and we often play around with him making funny faces…coz he’s so cool with it…

We even bring him along everywhere we go…a day out to manila ocean park…

To an overnight swimming at  Pansol, Calamba, Laguna

He loves the water…he can play around with it all day…Caleb’s cousin Macoy also loves to hang out with him..

As for  Mima’s first long drive to Tagaytay… food trips… and pictures takings.. Caleb’s in the house! 😛

We usually visit my in-laws at Muntinlupa during weekends..Papa Dodong loves Caleb too 😛

(isn’t  he lovable?)..he’s just 2 yrs old here..and look how such a cutee Caleb is… so stunning..

..we also bring him along while strolling around Festival Mall..

..and at  Southmall..How he loved the little rides with Papa Henry..(that what he calls my husband Henry)

…and on his first “kalbo” (semi-bald) haircut…see how he tumbles down because his head feels itchy 😛

Still so adorable..with or without hair, heheheh!!!

He even spends coffee time with us at Starbucks and throws crabbiness whenever we didn’t give in to his wishes…(btw..he wants the feel of the frappe :P).. this was after my 33rd bday dinner at Shakeys, UN  Avenue..

And on his 3rd Bday..we gave him a simple bday celebration here at B.Balic..his cousins graced his party? If you may call it like that even with only a few number of guests..:P

Ate Nikki also loves Caleb…who wouldn’t love such a charming baby?

… he’s so fascinating..and with a good sense of humor  too..

(Caleb pretends to be holding on to the edge of the building)

We also went to Baguio with Caleb for a vacation… played at the playground just across burnham park..

and went biking as well..

He’s also with us during some church activities and whenever our schedule permits, he attends church with us at VCF-GH

And don’t forget his most desired spot in GH..Timezone 😛

….this is where he can be at his best…the baby boy Caleb…during playtime at Timezone.. feels like he’s just like any other older guy there..playing basketball and contending with the rest of the guys.

Last holy week, we went home to our place at Imus, Cavite and we went swimming and horseback riding at Tagaytay…and there again, the vigorous  Caleb..who tirelessly plays full of life.

But there’s an end to matter how playful he is..his batteries also went off 😛

Almost 4 years have passed and Just recently..he was invited to be a coin bearer to a friend’s wedding..and time flies so fast.. our dear baby Caleb.. now proudly walks down the isle…(lol..just a coin bearer!)

…maybe you wonder why we spend so much time with Caleb.. it’s not only because he brings joy to our hearts..but because we also hope to fill an empty space in his innocent heart.. (his parents we’re having some marital problems, and the least we could do is give him a family wherein he will feel much loved, secure and appreciated). He doesn’t have to go through the confusions and hurt brought about by their present situation.. he may not understand the things going on around him.. but we can always be a family for him and the rest of his siblings.. I believe God has a plan for Caleb’s life.. I just pray that God would continue to uphold the destiny that He has in Caleb’s life…Long journey ahead of him..but we can assure him that we will always be with him every step of the way..because matter what..U R LOVED!