We  have our one and only “Kuya” (brother), he’s the first  among us siblings then I’m next making me the eldest among my sisters. 

37403_406631418619_8080709_nme and kuya

Jhing, (Janice Arda) who’s now a mother of 3 boys is 2 years younger than me.. then came Bige (that’s what I fondly call her) or Kamil (Camille Abigaille) to most of her new friends, came after a gap of 13 yrs after Jhing. 

30756_395418058619_7983795_nme and jhing at miguelin street, sampaloc, manila where we grew up

30756_395418063619_5481033_nhigh school days with jhing and mima

37403_406631558619_2998513_ncollege days

37403_406631498619_4184305_nswimming at lemery, batangas with mima’s office mates

37403_406631423619_616730_nat miguelin street, college days

Jhing and I went to the same school during our elementary days. I remember us playing “Little Miss Philippines” and I love making sash and crowns for her. I always thought she’ll be a beauty queen by profession since she’s taller and fairer than me. We may also have different set of friends and different interests, but we would always share the same passion for food, we both love to eat! 



562954_10151090144523620_940671412_non our of our thursday family night dinners

We used to share the same bed when we we’re small, same room when we’re growing up and when she decided to be independent and left  the house at 18, I felt bad. We may not be the buddy sisters that you imagine but it’s a secure feeling to always have her around. I maybe older than her, but i’m the “iyakin”  (cry baby), and being the strong person that she is, she would always defend me whenever I’m in trouble. 

333180_10151137837758620_1310009126_oshe’s always mistaken as the ate 🙂

473116_10151137835943620_1006033759_oon one of our tripping dates

475206_10151176062888620_74697020_othursday famiy pig-out dinner

529692_10150707635633620_1087128782_nafter her bday celebration

549609_10151090142623620_1555754485_nkulitan while watching movie

We may also have our own fair share of disappointments in life, conflicts and misunderstandings, but we would always be sisters by heart, and she’s dear to me. We would kiss and make up and unconditionally love, forgive and accept one another. I admire her for her courage, her strong character. Jhing would always  speak her mind, but with wisdom. She’s bolder to try different things and learn from them. Many years have passed and we’re making up for the lost times, as a matter of fact, we get to spend much time together now than before. 

…. Now let’s talk about my cool sister Bige. Cool in a sense that she’s always the wacky one, making us laugh, always with some fun joke up her sleeve. You will just know that she’s around simply because you can hear the doors banging, loud footsteps all over the place. Bige, being the youngest, just loves to be noticed. How will I get along with so many years without her is a mystery. 

462395_10150942043058620_567751637_omaybe about 3 days old, just got home from the clinic



459013_10150942037138620_399377671_oisn’t she lovely?

I’m with mom when she had her and  I’ve always watched her grow. Ever since she was small (well… until now, laughs), I’m always next to her, nursing her, changing her diapers, and I even bring her to the Pedia for her shots because Mom is busy working to provide for us. We always adored her, we we’re all so happy having a baby at home! We would always dress her up and we love playing with her, making her cry and laugh at the same time, hehehe! (sorry Bige, this sounded like we’re bullying you..er…sort of) She had brown eyes, blonde hair and a fairer skin just like Jhing.

292133_10150978882993620_868706554_nplaying with my nikki

31406_395131353619_1929505_ntailored dress just for them 🙂

475170_10150942045953620_597386503_oher nursery graduation picture 

457750_10150942169963620_1576818871_oouting with family, its like I already have two daughters (Bige and Nikki)

181707_189695151054127_5604101_nhigh school graduation

She will always be my answered prayer.  For some of you who did not know, she also has a strong personality and always challenged, yet passionate and has a heart to serve.. but I must say, I’d prefer God to use her in a different way. I know God designed her to be like that, always influential and I want her to serve her purpose. On nights when she’s not at home and committed to staying at quarters as a ROTC officer and President of a Student Organization on PUP, I would really pray to God. I told Him that I want that same commitment, that  same passion and that same heart to serve be used for His glory alone, so again I prayed. 

33436_408099465425_4539554_nduring an event at PUP

26016_107274959296147_2254752_nang pogi dati ni sistah!

Many times I would cry out to God for the salvation of my family, and just when I surrendered and totally offered up everything unto the foot of His throne, her heart opened. God made an appointed time for Bige. God’s timing is always perfect… and about two years ago, Bige came to know the Lord.. There is a promise in the book of Acts and Galatians that I am still holding on.

11187_543395879017384_1817258387_nnow she’s currently helping out at Life Box

“They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.” – Acts 16:31

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” – Galatians 6:9

Now Jhing’s successful in her own right, have her own family, her own place and even own a car. Her diligence and hard work paid off and I pray that she would also one day encounter You and experience the fullest of life in Your presence. 


857585_10151470970888620_2010608543_oblessing of her car and their new apartment

I know she’s happy now, but I know she can be happier with You. I claim that she would also know You in a more personal and intimate way. She’s always known You and I pray that you would also cause her to seek You more.

As for Bige, I’m humbled by the way I watch her serve You. I know we will always be imperfect but just the same, I honor her for taking up the cross as she took the mandate of discipling others. 

417630_553297331360572_1604740483_nBige facilitates at Victory Weekend, experiencing victory on Christ alone.

No words can express how blessed I am to be able to share life with these two beautiful women. May You continue to uphold the destiny that You have for both of them. I can never thank You enough for blessing them and always loving them.

I know You’re not yet through with my family, we’re being changed from glory to glory. But whatever way that pleases You, I continue to commit their lives to You, my Papa, Mima and Kuya. I know I am favored for having them.  

525710_10150707638528620_1935616049_n 524493_10150707632088620_1002133049_n 522112_10150707631228620_1638029228_n 332373_10151335551733620_1710077374_o 252278_10150203941498620_6518963_n 168830_491761043619_3899293_n 168422_491765803619_1138977_n 167975_491769208619_3833032_n 165220_491759183619_4171023_n 162906_491764583619_5865346_n 554105_10150707632808620_1701053270_nwe have a happy, funny and hilarious family 🙂

Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” and call insight your intimate friend, – Proverbs 7:4

The whole family loves you. Jhing and Bige, you are blessings from God!

738332_10151345318203620_1285143126_o 738148_10151345317648620_2055764418_o 738079_10151345317298620_961677104_o 737617_10151345318548620_1124941972_o 737615_10151345317983620_458307948_o 737479_10151345316903620_135958943_o 737462_10151345301833620_1990080223_o 736158_10151345305788620_1382586338_o 736001_10151345317523620_449588237_o 740044_10151345317618620_1573650_o

I honor you and I look forward to growing old and living a full life with both of you!


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