Birthday Thank You


Thank you to everyone who remembered my special day! Each note, PM, message, text, call, prayer/greeting really meant a lot to me and absolutely made my day. Thanks to internet / social networking for making remembering our special days and sending a greeting much easier, lol! Hehehehe!


My appreciation  to all my  friends who joined me  for the virtual celebration of my special day since I’m working the whole day, lol!  I really had a great time doing what we like doing best – chatting, browsing and reminiscing old times together! Hehehehe!  Thank you for the cool  AVP made by my ex-boyfriend , now dashing better half, my one and only husband Mr.Henry Boyles. As for the delicious cakes that I’ve been picturing on my mind all day long… hmnn, I might give in for a one day of cheat day..kahit maging chubby cheeks pa ako lalo! I’m going to eat some or more after I’m done working. Hehehehe!  Special thanks to my spiritual family for all the prayers and love.


Of course, thank you to my dearest family who has always been there no matter what.  Nikki, Caleb, Mom, Kua, Jing and Abby..and all my other pamangkins…thank you for always taking the time and making the effort to make me feel special!


Thank  you Lord for giving me another year to be  loved, be an encouragement to others, be His instrument to send hope to others as He helps us become better people everyday. May I be more productive, commit to share my life and be a blessing to other people as I desire to put a smile on your face on my simplest ways possible.  Thank you for the bounteous blessings that You continue to shower my family with..  again..thank you♥


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