A Love Letter… A Reminder

Last Wednesday, August 31  was the release date for Nikki’s class card. As I got it, attached was a love letter she wrote for Henry and I. if I’m not mistaken she wrote it as a response to our letter to her last July for their retreat. As I scanned it’s words, I was moved by what she wrote… “that she wanted to thank me for becoming a Christian”… “that she came to know the Lord because of me”. (sorry Nikki, I shared some parts of it)

At first, that sounded so good. Her appreciation of the life I shared to her was a reminder that all the more, I need to be responsible (as I am indeed) for the life that I model… that I also testify my faith as I and Henry parent her. More than the responsibility, it’s a sounding alarm for each and every one of us to really take part in advancing His kingdom. From the simple acts of kindness, to sharing His word… we can never gauge how our lives can make an impact on every heart that we touch. May it be our family, friends, or even simple acquaintances. Whether out of obligation or responsibility… it sends the message that we need to constantly desire for the same compassion that Jesus had for the lost… and act out boldly as we share our life to others.

Discipleship is a relationship and me being a mother to Nikki is also discipleship.

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall. – Psalm 55:22

I too had flaws..blights… I am not perfect but I’m grateful that His grace sustains us… that His grace is sufficient for us and we will only be able to live a life the way He wants us to be if we’re anchored in our faith to God… if we decide to have complete dependence on His will.

Nikki, 1 year old

Nikki’s love letter to us brought me back to the time when I first brought her to church, she was just 3 years old and can barely say name. I bring her along on vacation bible school… she sits in on every puppet show that I used to volunteer in… on every music team’s rehearsals… prayer meetings, etc. She even climbs up the stage whenever I play the guitar for praise and worship. Those were precious moments for me… when I let her see what I love to do… and expose her to the kind of life that I desire for her to enjoy too… because that too is discipleship.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.  – Proverbs 22:6

Nikki, 2 years old


I know on her growing up years, there were also times that she only felt obliged to join us on Sundays, but still she joins out of respect and obedience to us. Now that I watch her also serving in the ministry… indeed our labor in the Lord will never be in vain… we see fruits and she’s one of it. Introducing Jesus into her life is not just a plain response to the call of parenthood but it’s also a way of living out to God’s promise of salvation for my family and the generations to come. On our own, it ain’t easy to train up a child, our resources were limited but with God’s standard… the Bible… there’s great possibilities and the ways were limitless , not to mention the leaders who mentor us as they mirror their life to us.

Nikki, 3 years old

Nikki, 6 years old

God is indeed faithful to His promises and it’s a motivating factor for us parents to strive more and never get tired of allowing God to mold us and make us the kind of parents that He wanted us to be. He’s the one in charge and will always be. We just have to continue to tap on the source of all wisdom, and pray as we claim that He would continue to uphold the destiny He has in stored for Nikki and for our family.

Nikki, 10 years old

LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. – Psalm 16:5


As for our dear Nikki… she’s still a work in progress just like each one of us but I’m confident that ahead of her is a great future because she had known a great God too. Gone we’re the days that I almost gave up in prayer… because just like her love letter, God gave His love letter to us too… the Bible. It fuels my desire to read and obey His word all the more. I must say… Parenting is also a Discipleship. If not for our own standing before the Lord, I’m sure there we’re also times that we feel we fail each other… we too had our shortcomings and imperfections but it’ll always be a blessing that we are a family and we share the same faith… it adds more value into it.

Nikki, 14 years old

We help each other grow in love. There’s forgiveness, acceptance, miracles, breakthroughs and great things happen when we act out in obedience to His word. Nikki will always be our answered prayer and God will always be our inspiration, our source of joy, of strength, of hope and of love.


Nikki, 15 years old (water baptism)

Nikki, 15 years old (kids worship team)

~ We love you Nikki and we’re proud of you… of what you’ve become and what you’ve hoped to be 🙂 






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