know this..GOD SAID!

As I do one to one and share about Jesus, there’s one common idea being asked… and that is now… what’s next? After years of wandering through this world..and searching for answers to our different questions in life, it’s simply amazing to know that God created us to do “good works w/c (He) prepared in advance for us… (Ephesians 2:10)… and this fires us up, gives us purpose.

That’s why whenever we’re faced with different challenges, we feel the drive to move up… step up…that’s why with the recent NBA finals the entire nation’s so in to it… As for the players view… sports can be so rewarding… Where there is one goal… and it is clearly defined… you play to win… And in winning… we earn rewards… and when we don’t… atleast know that our goal is to do better, to improve so that next time you’ll win! Plain & simple!

But in life itself, as we go through our daily routines… a lot of us are still searching… seeking… and doesn’t have yet a clearly defined goal in life… or a purpose… and instead of feeling rewarded in life… we end up losing… down… empty and lost. I was once in that shoes… that’s why it’s great to know that God knows us…

~before I formed you in the womb, I knew you..(Jeremiah 1:5)

..that He’s not just doing some mismatch in our lives… and He’s not just checking on us all saying… “I think… he’ll be a good husband… looks like she’ll be a good entrepreneur… he sounds like he’d be a good leader…  an outstanding student”.. . nor He’s not just having some trial and error scenarios just because He thinks, or He looks at us like we do… Rather, He knows exactly what we’re made for. We are unique… special and we have a great destiny in Him. He created each and every one of us for a specific purpose! and the best way to discover what that purpose is, is to know God… and marvel in His beauty, His very nature… and the best way to know God is to read His word.

I pray that as we commit to knowing God and the purpose He has for us, we will be inspired to dig deeper into His Word… and pray that we will have a deeper intimacy with Him… and in the process, may we come to a greater understanding of who God is… and of God’s love for us… and His plans for our life…

One of my fave verses in the bible is (Jeremiah 29:11).. ~ “I know the plans I have for you.. plans to prosper you and not to harm you.. plans to give you hope and a future”

… but these words will just be plain words and will not be powerful if you don’t know who God really is… and what He’s capable of…

So what are you waiting for, be excited and schedule your personal time with God now… tap into the source of all wisdom… and “Know this… God said it! Believe it..claim it! and that settles it…”

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